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Restaurant Partners
Of all the restaurants in New York City, none has a richer history.
- New York Times
Best Thai Restaurant in America.
- Travel & Leisure
A setting for the rich and famous.
Exceptional; consistently elite.
- New York Magazine
The Savored model has not only brought SHO high end quality diners that generate valuable revenue for the business, it also has proven successful in generating repeat guests who take advantage of the convenient and discretionary dining that it offers to experience the restaurant on a frequent basis.
- SHO Shaun Hergatt
Michelin Star Winner
We are enjoying a real benefit from participating; I find it brilliant. So simple and user friendly.
- Thompson Hotels
The combined effort of Savored's business model coordinated with the ability to utilize our OpenTable Electronic Reservation Book for redemption is truly the perfect match for offering diners premium dining experiences.
- Chez TJ
Michelin Star Winner
Savored in the press
Savored Co-Founder Ben McKean speaks to the benefit of the service for restaurants across the country.
Savored (previously VillageVines) fills off-peak tables for high-end restaurants across the country, Interview with co-founder Ben McKean.
VillageVines is changing its name and revamping its website to emphasize its marketing power for restaurants.
Savored (previously VillageVines) is sending very profitable off-peak traffic to the nations leading restaurants.