What is Savored?

Savored will market your restaurant on savored.com, mobile apps, and partner sites.

Deliver reservations and new diners from our upscale membership

Drive profitable diners to your restaurant at both on and off peak times.

Track Reservations

We make it easy to see what times, days of the week, or months are the most active, and more on your personalized dashboard.

Know Your Demographics

We'll provide info on who and when savored members are booking along with key attributes of the diner.

Savored Dining Exchange

We'll help you identify and optimize the times where you can perform better and fill more tables profitably.

Savored Concierge App

Our App for restaurants helps you track, accept or reject reservations. You can also rate your diners, and take notes about him or her for future use. Watch the demo.

Some of our 1,000 restaurant partners include:

20% Increase in Average Check

Savored users on average dine out 6+ times a month and spend 20% more than normal diners.

Inventory Control

Our restaurant partners have complete control over what inventory (times and numbers of tables) they want Savored to market.

Personalized Service

Your dedicated account manager is just a phone call away to discuss, optimize, or change your campaign at any time.

Your Restaurant Accessible Anywhere

We'll create a dedicated page for your restaurant with photos, map and address, description, media quotes, and social media information.

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