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About Savored

What is Savored?
Savored is a free way to make online reservations and pay lower prices at great restaurants.

How does Savored work?
Whether because of a slower night or a last minute no-show, even the best restaurants have empty tables. Savored uses a proprietary technology to search restaurant availability to find you the highest possible discount on these tables. You find a table you want, reserve it online for free and enjoy an uncapped discount off your party's entire bill (food and drink!).

When is Savored coming to my city?
Chances are, very soon. We're currently live in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington D.C, and many more cities are coming soon. That said, we'd love to hear your thoughts on where we should come next - contact us to let us know!

Payment and Savings

How much does Savored membership cost?
Absolutely nothing - membership to Savored is free.

Is there a cap on the savings I get from Savored?
Absolutely not - Savored offers uncapped, percentage-based savings on your bill, enabling you to truly indulge in the best dining around.

Do your offers really include alcohol?
They sure do (except in Boston).

What's the deal with Boston?
Massachusetts liquor laws forbid restaurants from discounting alcoholic drinks. As a result, Savored restaurants in Boston offer our members 40% off their bill’s food total rather than 30% off food and drink.

General Support/Other

How do I get the discount? Do I need to print out my confirmation or some kind of coupon?
To redeem your discount just arrive at the restaurant on time for your reservation, make sure your server knows you made the reservation with Savored, and at the end of the meal present your reservation receipt and ensure the correct discount has been applied.

What about calling ahead to remind the restaurant?
There is no need to call ahead. The restaurant will already have your reservation in their books.

Am I able to change an existing reservation?
Absolutely. You can change your reservation from within your account up to 30 minutes before your reservation time.

If something comes up, can I cancel my reservation?
Of course. You can change or cancel your reservation up to 30 minutes before your reservation time.

I think my restaurant could be a perfect partner for Savored. Who should I contact?
We always love hearing about great restaurants. Feel free to Contact us with any recommendations.

Savored Signatures

What are Savored Signatures?
Savored restaurants and other highly-acclaimed industry names partner with our Signatures brand to craft and market unique experiences ranging from mixology classes to elaborate private dinners with Michelin-winning chefs. We are thrilled to offer an array of experiences that we think will resonate with all of our valued members, and we look forward to bringing you several new offers each month.

How do Savored Signatures differ from discounted reservations?
Unlike our discounted reservations which are available to you on an ongoing basis, Savored Signatures are offered for only a limited period of time. Moreover, the advertised ticket prices for Savored Signatures have been specially negotiated for each specific event, so there is no additional discount on the price you see.

Are there are any additional rules or restrictions I need to know about for Savored Signatures?
Savored Signatures cannot be combined with any other discount and it's important that you realize that oftentimes tax and tip are not included (in which case you will be billed for such at the time of the event). It is important that you read the specific terms for each individual Signature offer to understand any restrictions that might apply.

How can I get my restaurant involved with the Signatures program?
We are always interested in speaking to potential partners; please contact info@savored.com for more details.